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Shameful Exploit Of UK Children In Climate Propaganda

2009-10-10 - 82 - Karl J. Hansen, klimabedrag.dk

hitlerjugend-girl From YouTube:
The ACT ON CO2 campaign launches its Bedtime Stories TV advert on 9 October 2009 at 20.45 on ITV1.
Running on television, press, outdoor posters, cinema and online the campaign is designed to raise awareness of climate change, convey the imminence and the need for urgent action.

The British government is using the NLP directed on children in order to persuade their parents to accept the Goreism and the believe that we dangerously influence the global climate through CO2 and that we can do something about it by saving energy.  They intend to persuade children to label their parents as irresponsible and bad, if they don't adhere to the will of the UK government.

It is not the first time in resent history, we have seen governments using children as a means to achieve their political goals.  My parents told me about how the ruling party in Germany used teenagers, Hitlerjugend, to change the mind of their parents.  Like today's UK, they back then misused the unconditional love of the parents to force an agenda.

By misusing the children in this way, you reverse the normal system in which the parents provide guiding examples, moral support and wisdom for the children, and where the parents view is guided by independent critical diagnostics of the society they live in.  In this UK Hitlerjugend style, the guiding role is taken away from the parents and transferred to the government and their propaganda departments.

This is the most powerful propaganda method imaginable, but also a very inhumane form.  It is inhumane for several reasons.  Unless you, as a parent, are extremely well informed, you have no way of promoting your own interest to the child, as you will find it difficult to protect your child from the massive, intrusive media called TV and Internet.

This one-sided immoral propaganda through children was in principle banned by the High Court in UK.
The judge ruled that you are not supposed to provide disputed one-sided information, without also providing adequate information about the other side of the coin.

The issue of the one-sidedness, is what makes this children-propaganda so immoral.  It's like having the ruling party in the government making gigantic propaganda with the taxpayer's money, directed towards the children, in order to force the parents to vote for them by the next general election.

I feel privileged that my parents had a mind of their own and it was I, who tried to hammer, my often misguided ideas, into their heads.  It was the right way around, because my parents had lifelong experience in how to tell fact from fiction, a skill I had to learn through my many mistakes during childhood.

After the war Germany introduced laws prohibiting Nazi like organisations.  Contemporary court cases reveal that the government still adhere to these rules.  However, what is the difference between Hitlerjugend and the way the children are used in climate propaganda in today's UK?

Update October 25th 2009 By ICECAP.

Please take a minute to complain to the UK Advertising Standards Authority here. Over 400 have complained so far. See in this story how the government under Gordon Brown refused to pull it as it regards the UK public as ignorant for not accepting their dire projections and prescriptions. A British member of the European Parliament, Roger Helmer, has condemned the UK government’s new climate-change commercial as “one-sided, biased and partisan”. Helmer has
written to the Advertising Standards Authority asking them to review the government’s commercial to see if it meets their criteria for honesty and fairness. British voters take note.

Two new videos have appeared that parody the “Act On CO2” commercial scaring children into believing that they are killing the planet. This one is my favorite. Spread it far and wide.


In view of reactions admitted to Sky News, please also read:

UK Government Ignorant To Shameful Exploit Of Children

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2009-10-11 - Marvi N.
You can complain to UK Advertising Standards Authority:

or write to Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman:

We have to stop this!
2009-10-12 - Hans Schreuder
Thank you for posting this issue on your website. As a result, I have just sent this email to the ASA:

Sir, Madam,



In the strongest possible terms I wish to complain about the ASA allowing an advertising campaign by the UK government about the dangers of carbon dioxide to our lives and our future.

My complaint rests on the absolute and irrefutable scientific proof that no such danger exists, never did, never can.

Carbon dioxide has no adverse effect upon either global temperatures or the climate, despite the false belief so created by an intergovernmental panel of unelected bureaucrats at the UN.

For a full background to my conviction as well as undisputed scientific proof and observational data from the real world rather than hypothesised scenarios based on incomplete and inaccurate computer models coupled with circumstantial events paraded as evidence of the computer's predicted scenarios, please read all at www.tech-know.eu/NISubmission/index.html

I trust that your Agency will treat my complaint with the due diligence it deserves, as the issue of trying to scare our children over the mere fact that being alive and enjoying it creates "dangerous and harmuful emissions of carbon dioxide" is so beyond the pale as to beggar belief.

Nazi Germany would have been proud of this kind of propaganda and the Nazi Jugend comes to mind when this type of governmental mind control appears on the TV screens at the time when children are known to be watching.


In utter disgust,

Hans Schreuder
Dutchman (retired and old enough to know about the Nazis)
To all those who receive this email via the Bcc copy, please address this issue in your own way, so as to ensure that the ASA act upon this gross invasion of privacy into the lives of our young children. How dare they?!
2009-10-15 - Ian C
This is a very good article and I have used it as a template for making my complaint (see below) to the ASA. You will see that I have adapted the issues raised in this article to what I hope is a refinement of the points you make in a UK context. It is importnat to put complaints in individual and not 'bulk' form. If anyone uses these as a complaint make sure your own words are used.

PS I was referred here by Climate Depot.

Bedtime Stories TV advert on 9 October 2009 at 20.45 on ITV1 and other media.

The British government is using the advertisement directed at minors in order to get them to persuade their parents to accept alarmist climate warnings and so to change their behaviour because of a 'belief' that humans dangerously influence the global climate through CO2 emissions. They intend to persuade children to label their parents as irresponsible and bad, if they don't adhere to the will of the UK government.
The advertisements plainly assert one side of the disputed scientific knowledge. There are many published and peer reviewed scientists who dispute the promoted notions. There is no mention of this and it is presented as an authoritarian certainty. It amounts to nothing less than a propaganda campaign that will mislead all viewers to believing it is authoritative and correct.
This could have the effect of brainwashing younger viewers and misinforming older viewers with unforeseen and deleterious consequences for viewers and society at large while potentially causing division within households and families. This is blatant misuse of all media because it reverses the normal societal function of families and households whereby the respected and desired norm is that parents and their peer group are the recognised providers of example, wisdom and moral guidance to children in their care.
Unless parents are extremely well informed they have no way of promoting the interests of balance to their so-targeted children. The consequence is that parents will find it increasingly difficult to protect their child(ren) from the intrusiveness of all media used in this and any other future campaign that attempts to repeat these techniques.
It should be ordered to be withdrawn forthwith.
2010-09-17 - REANDAMASERSE
I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way. zzrazakitjdveagh
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