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Paris Accord 1.5degree and Current Trend 0.57degree Mismactch

2015-12-15 - 636 - Carl Friis-Hansen

NCDC NOAA Yearly Mean Temperature Anomalies GNU Plot klimabedrag.dk 1901-2012 with trend line A few days ago I generated a new graph from the terrestrial NCDC/NOAA dataset. The trend from 1880 till 2015 is 0.57°C/century. The Paris Accord/Agreement aim at forestalling 1.5°C in less than a century. We all knows where the UN's assumption of more than 1.5°C/century, without negating prosperity, comes from, namely the formulas in the big computers.

The trend of 0.57°C is, according to many scientists, likely to go negative in a few decades from now. This makes the UN-IPCC predictions even more unrealistic, not to say immature crap. Add to that, that in this plot to the right, we are recovering from the Little Ice Age.

However, if I was a director of a big company, which over the last many years had increased it's turnover and profit my X%/year, and I propossed the future turnover and profit would increase by more than 3X% and build more production facilities according to the 3X, the board would most likely fire me due to incompetence and stupidity.

The same should apply for dealing with most of the worlds economies in a way that hampers development and prosperity, in thus case I am talking about the incompetence/stupidity/ignorance or whatever you prefer of the UN-IPCC. Sorry UN delegates, you are being misled over years by some top brass overshaddowing commonsense, hindering objective conclusions from scientists and controlling the press.

As so many skeptic scientist will tell you: "Check the data." If finding, extracting and evaluating the data is a bit over your head, then have some of your more technical friend help you. I know it is hard for us who do not have a docter title or maybe even a college degree, but even with limited schooling, you can get the numbers and graphs over time. The really hard work, is to ensure yourself, that you finally got the data as close to the origin as possible.

Getting the data from close to origin is essential in whatever work you are doing (almost). It is with data a bit like the one fether that became 5 hens after being passed from mouth to mouth or blog to blog in these days.
Speaking for myself, I became uneasy with the varying plots I saw for the temperature data, in particular after having read how the data are doctored significantly without adequate explanation. I therefore made my own plots with "official" data. The foundation of the plots are not ideal, as they are subjectively selected and biased by the respective owners of the dataset, but still better than relying on plots where underlying source is not announced with a link.

So, you get the data and need to make the graphic plots. There are many tools that can help you out there. My preferred method is using gnu-plot, which is freely available open source program, which is what I have used for most of the plots on the page Temperature/Seaice.

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