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Germany Election Die Grūne: Voluntary Compulsion Of No Meat

2013-08-06 - 595 - Carl Friis-Hansen

The Green party does not think they have done enough damage in the name of the non-existent problem of Anthropogenic Global Warming. The party will now have all the office canteens enforce a "voluntary" face-out of meat. One of the excuses used the politicians make, is that cows must their horns cut off to compensate for limited space!?

However, Germany has begun to make resistance to the Greenies and their terror against western industry, fossil fuels, hamburgers with ham and AGW. Many prominent scientists now write papers pulling the AGW theory totally apart and others are making serious talks about Glass-Steagall, like in this article: Germany Imposing a Glass-Steagall-Like Act with Teeth from Armstrong Economics.

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